Hamilton: We will be strong this weekend Formula 1

Hamilton: We will be strong this weekend

By Srihari HS 30 July 2020 | 18:48

Lewis Hamilton is very upbeat about the upcoming weekend at Silverstone. Both Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas believe that the Mercedes is good on this track. Both Mercedes drivers estimate the chances well. 

At the press conference, Hamilton and Bottas announced that the W11 is a powerful car. "There are actually no weaknesses," says Hamilton. "In Austria, there were some problems here and there, but now the car is simply very strong," Hamilton continues. 

Although both drivers expect an excellent performance this weekend, Hamilton still looks at the race with a bit of melancholy. The British Grand Prix will be held without an audience. "It felt weird driving here without seeing fans. We arrive here, and there was no crowd. We usually see people at every corner on this circuit, so it will be a lonely weekend on the circuit."

Domination not guaranteed

However, Hamilton is not convinced of Mercedes having total dominance. He thinks Red Bull and Ferrari could get closer this season. "I can't predict what's going to happen. Our goal as a team is to win races, but you will always face new challenges. We have to anticipate that the rest of the field will close the gap." (Source: Mercedes AMG F1)



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