F1 Technology | Red Bull adjusts notches in the rear wing Formula 1

F1 Technology | Red Bull adjusts notches in the rear wing

By Srihari HS 07 August 2020 | 07:20

In 'F1 Technology' MaximumF1 keeps you up to date with all the technical gadgets that Formula 1 teams add to the cars. Each circuit is different and therefore each circuit needs a different approach. The British Grand Prix will be handled by many teams with different technical variations.

Red Bull adjusts notches in the rear wing

The Red Bull team seems to want to force the extra bit of speed on the straight with a simpler rear wing. Reducing downforce could ultimately lead to closing the gap in the speed difference with Mercedes. With this rear wing, Red Bull is trying to do just that. 

Ferrari shows extremely flat rear wing

The three different rear wings of the SF1000 were placed side by side in a picture from Albert Fabrega. Ferrari drove Silverstone with little downforce and it is visibly apparent that the wing is much flatter than the ones used in Hungary and Austria.

Mercedes emerges with remarkably flat rear wing

At Silverstone the teams are getting ready for the fourth Grand Prix of the season. Mercedes emerges here with a remarkably flat rear wing, Albert Fabrega notes. The analyst compares the wing with the setup for Spa and Monza.




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