Steiner does not rule out hiring a rookie: ‘Leclerc has done well’ Formula 1

Steiner does not rule out hiring a rookie: ‘Leclerc has done well’

By Srihari HS 26 July 2020 | 14:21

Günther Steiner does not rule out Haas starting 2021 with a rookie in the team. According to the Italian, future Formula 1 drivers are experienced enough, thanks to the well-arranged entry-level classes they get through before making their entry in the premier category of motorsport.

When asked if Haas is open to rookies, The Italian team boss said: “I think so.” Speaking with, he said: “We already used some rookies during training in our second year,” referring to Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclerc (2016). Both the rookies drove for the American team during the free practice sessions without racing experience in Formula 1. “We had no problem with that.”

According to Steiner, drivers who make their debut in Formula 1 are experienced enough and are a less risky choice to put in the car. “If you have already completed Formula 3 and Formula 2, then usually you are well prepared.”

Haas might get a rookie driver for 2021 season. 

Haas' current drivers Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean don’t have a contract with the team for 2021 yet. “If a driver is doing well enough, why not? We have seen how well Leclerc did in his first year. Of course, you have to look at how others are doing and how well prepared they are. We weren’t ready for it in our first year, but we’ve grown as a team,” Steiner concluded.



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