Update II | FIA confirms Leclerc grid penalty, Ferrari driver starts from P14 Formula 1

Update II | FIA confirms Leclerc grid penalty, Ferrari driver starts from P14

By Adam Wills 11 July 2020 | 19:13

Charles Leclerc's Grand Prix weekend may go from bad to worse. The Ferrari driver finished qualification in eleventh position and will be questioned by the FIA ??stewards after two offenses during the session.

The Monegask has to report to the stewards at 6:00 PM Dutch time for passing the 'control line' in Q1 after a red flag was waved. Instead of immediately entering the pits, Leclerc drove over the start-finish again. In addition, Leclerc is accused of having held Daniill Kvyat during his fast lap. The Ferrari driver could be punished for both incidents.

Along with Leclerc, Kimi Raikkonen and Sergio Perez must also report. The Finnish veteran has committed the same first offense as Leclerc, according to the stewards, by not entering the pits right away when the red flag waved. Perez, in turn, ignored the yellow flags in Q1. 

Update 19:30 (11/07) | Ferrari reports three-place grid penalty for Leclerc

Ferrari reports that Charles Leclerc has received a grid penalty from the stewards for holding Danill Kvyat in qualifying for the Styria Grand Prix, journalist Adam Cooper said on Twitter. The Ferrari driver will therefore start the race tomorrow from the 14th position instead of 11th.

The stewards also ruled on the Sergio Perez incident. The Racing Point driver was accused of having ignored yellow flags, but the stewards felt there was no need to take action.

Update 19:55 (11/07) | FIA confirms Leclerc grid penalty, Ferrari driver starts from P14

Charles Leclerc does indeed receive a grid penalty of three places. The punishment has since been confirmed in an official message from the stewards, after Ferrari themselves previously made the announcement. Leclerc starts tomorrow from P14.

Leclerc gets the penalty for keeping Daniil Kvyat out of qualifying. Using video footage, the stewards determined that the Ferrari driver was getting in the way of Kvyat while he was on a fast lap. Although Leclerc claims not to have seen the Russian, the stewards believe that the Monegask could have acted differently in order to avoid interference.

The twenty-two-year-old also had to report to the stewards for not entering the pits in time when the red flag was being waved, but was ultimately not penalized for this. Kimi Raikkonen and Sergio Perez, who also had to go to the stewards for similar offenses, also avoided a sanction. (Photo: Ferrari Media)



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