Ecclestone: "I advised Vettel to tell the truth" Formula 1

Ecclestone: "I advised Vettel to tell the truth"

By Adam Wills 08 July 2020 | 11:40

Bernie Ecclestone is still in close contact with Sebastian Vettel. The two Formula 1 figures have gotten along well after the turmoil with Ferrari, and Ecclestone was the one who influenced the German driver to come clean about the dispute with Ferrari.

"I've been in touch with Sebastian lately. I advised him to tell the truth about the Ferrari split. That had to surface," the former Formula 1 boss tells F1-Insider

In addition to bringing out the full truth, Ecclestone believes Vettel's actions were something that can be uplifting for him on a personal level: “It was also important to him. He is an extremely talented driver with a lot of willpower, but he is also sensitive and has been treated unfairly.”

Vettel's errors in Austria are common

Vettel did not make a very good impression on the Red Bull Ring. However, Ecclestone believes this is not related to the recent fallout with Ferrari: "That driver error has nothing to do with it, such an error can always happen."

"Lewis Hamilton, the other superstar on the track, didn't have a very good weekend either," Ecclestone concludes. The British Mercedes driver received two grid penalty's during the season opener. (Photo: Ferrari F1 Team)



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