"Honda engine problems may be due to lack of race rhythm" Formula 1

"Honda engine problems may be due to lack of race rhythm"

By Srihari HS 07 July 2020 | 07:35

Former Dutch F1 driver Jan Lammers thinks that the problems with the Honda engine last weekend could be related to the race rhythm that the Honda and Red Bull staff are missing. The drivers have not raced for a long time, and the pit crew have been out of practice. So their routines may run less smoothly, the former driver thinks.

Lammers argues that the long period without races may be at the root of the problems at Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri last weekend. "It may have to do with race rhythm, protocols have to run normally, and that includes programming a motor. Something probably went wrong somewhere there," he said in the NOS Formula 1 podcast

Lack of data may be a problem

Lammers also thinks that the failure of both Red Bull cars is doubly bad luck because of the second race weekend at the Red Bull Ring. Due to missing data from the first race, it may not be possible to prepare well for the second weekend. Thus, other teams may have an advantage.

"There are teams, look at McLaren, who have collected a lot of data from the race," says the Dutch driver. "They can analyze it very precisely and dot their i. Red Bull is unable to analyze because two cars have failed. They start with a backlog." (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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