Honda embarrassed by Verstappen's pit stop: 'We all saw error messages' Formula 1

Honda embarrassed by Verstappen's pit stop: 'We all saw error messages'

By Srihari HS 06 July 2020 | 17:31

Toyoharu Tanabe is disappointed that Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon did not reach the finish. When Verstappen dropped out, there was some panic at Honda. The Dutchman lost a lot of power and was forced to stop the race. It is still unclear to Tanabe what caused the problem.

'We are currently investigating what is going on. There are many elements, so it takes a while," says the Honda F1 boss told Autosport Web. When Verstappen lost the electricals, the Japanese performed a reset. Sometimes the system can be repaired by turning off the power and resetting. But it wasn't."

Changing the steering wheel didn't help

When Verstappen slowly entered the pit lane, the team tried to change his steering wheel. "I don't think there is a causal relationship, but I exchanged them just in case," Tanabe reveals. "However, there is no connection between the controls and the problems Max had to deal with."

After the steering wheel and tires were changed, the Dutchman tried to make another attempt, but that was in vain. "We all saw several error messages and quickly concluded that it had not been resolved, so I decided to bring it in." But Honda is still hopeful for the upcoming races because of the car's performance in the winter tests. (Photo: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)



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