Brundle: "Hamilton will definitely think again about Ferrari if Mercedes falls back" Formula 1

Brundle: "Hamilton will definitely think again about Ferrari if Mercedes falls back"

By Adam Wills 29 June 2020 | 10:17

Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle is still confident that the world champion Lewis Hamilton could still potentially move to Ferrari, even if it will only happen in 2023. He bases his opinion on three contributing factors: the contract of Carlos Sainz, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff and the corona pandemic.

Hamilton has been driving Mercedes engines his entire F1 career, but Brundle thinks his focus can change. When it comes to the future of Carlos Sainz, he questions whether the young Spaniard has a long-term future with Ferrari, even though he has secured a two-year contract. "I doubt Sainz has got anything locked down in terms of anything beyond one season," he told Sportsmail.

Hamilton must reconsider Ferrari

Then there is the influence of Toto Wolff. The Mercedes team boss is responsible for creating peace within the team and is an important link to winning championships. "If Toto left Mercedes and they rowed back a bit with the global pandemic issues and cost cuts coming in F1, the whole scene is changing, then I think his mind might have to turn again to have a look at Ferrari. I would if I was him."

Hamilton: "Red is the color of passion"

The two Brits have talked about what it would be like to walk around in red overalls and the stage in Monza. "He said, 'I love red, I've got red in my crash helmet, it's the color of passion' but his stock answer was 'I've raced for Mercedes all of my F1 career'”.

 He could always be an ambassador for that team. In the long run, leaving Mercedes might not be the best plan. "Think about it commercially, he can be an ambassador forever for that company so it would be a lot to walk away from", he warns Hamilton.

Choice stress for Hamilton

"It would be nice to see but Michael Schumacher was a Ferrari hero then he went to Mercedes and broke that link to Ferrari and it didn't work out". Schumacher (in old age) achieved only one podium in three years, in a not very competitive Mercedes car. "And where are Ferrari at? Are they going to give him a winning car or is he going to end up frustrated like Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel?" (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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