Marko demands results: "Max does not need those thousands of fans" Formula 1

Marko demands results: "Max does not need those thousands of fans"

By Tomas Mota 28 June 2020 | 17:13

Helmut Marko is convinced that Max Verstappen is ready to go for the win in Austria this weekend. Despite the fact that there won't be an audience, and therefore a large army of Oranje (Dutch) fans, will not be present, Verstappen is one of the biggest contenders, according to Red Bull Racing's advisor.

Marko, who witnesses the developments around the Red Bull Ring up close, sees that many preparations are being made for the first race of the season. "The whole team will live here in their own bubble, which is necessary", said the man from Graz in conversation with the Kleine Zeitung. "The nearby Zeltweg airport will be adapted and the accommodations/hotels in the region are ready for it. I am happy that it is possible to do it here, because we can set a good example for all other circuits for the rest of this season."

No audience needed for exceptional results

No public is welcome in Spielberg, only the teams are allowed to the circuit with only 80 staff members. Still, Marko thinks that Verstappen's performance will not be affected. "Actually Max doesn't go any faster from the cheering on the sidelines. The Dutch fans make no difference in terms of performance. After all, Max doesn't hear much in the car and, moreover, he always drives at the limit so there is no time to focus on things happening in the grandstands."

In 2020, there will be a lot of pressure for many of the teams, but perhaps the most will be felt at Red Bull. "We want to become world champions this year, with Max being the youngest champion of all time. That is our goal. But Mercedes also want to win; after all, Hamilton is chasing Michael Schumacher's records. Because the season is so short, everyone has to do their best and so the pressure is higher than usual, and you will really notice it. There are no second chances."

Marko dares not make a prediction

Finally, the only question that remains to be answered for Marko is who will be on pole position this weekend. "Many teams have continued to develop, they have had a lot of time for that. We also spent a lot of time in the simulators, behind the workbench and in the wind tunnel. We have been working on the car 24 hours a day for the past few weeks. I think we've removed all the weaknesses." (Photo: Red Bull Racing / Getty Images)



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