Vettel about double races: "There is less room for mistakes" Formula 1

Vettel about double races: "There is less room for mistakes"

By Tomas Mota 28 June 2020 | 12:49

Sebastian Vettel believes that two races on the same track certainly does change things up. The Formula 1 season kicks off next week in Austria to put on the Red Bull Ring again that week.

In the junior classes, it is common that there are several races on the same track, while Formula 1 will be confronted for the first time this year with this setting. Vettel therefore says that he has no relevant experience in this area, however: "I have enough experience overall and I can imagine that you have to approach perfection for the second race", the Ferrari driver told F1 Only.

Taking lessons from first race

With that, the four-time world champion refers to the amount of kilometres that the drivers on the Red Bull Ring have under their belts. After all, when the drivers start the second race, they already have a full race weekend on the same track. That experience is therefore taken to race two.

"I think there is less room for error", Vettel predicts. "We all have the ability to analyse first race issues, such as strategy, so we can correct them for the second time", he explains. "We'll see who's best at this."

Austria is not the only double-header

Not only in Austria will the Formula 1 cars be driving twice. The drivers also will have two races at Silverstone, in Great Britain. Several double races are expected to be announced for the remainder of the season. There are already rumours about a second race in Italy, which should be called the Grand Prix of Tuscany. 



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