Villeneuve outlook for the season: ‘I would bet on Mercedes’ Formula 1

Villeneuve outlook for the season: ‘I would bet on Mercedes’

By Srihari HS 27 June 2020 | 14:44

Not Red Bull or Ferrari, but Mercedes will take the lead in the battle for the Formula 1 world title in the coming season, says Jacques Villeneuve. Internal struggles at Ferrari makes it harder for the Italians and better for Red Bull, he suggested.

“What season is it going to be? One with Mercedes in front”, Villeneuve told Gazzetta Dello Sport. “Then there is Red Bull, which makes a strong impression. Ferrari seems a bit in crisis. I say that based on the winter tests. In addition, the announced departure of Sebastian Vettel will not improve the atmosphere, not even for Charles Leclerc.”

The internal struggle at Ferrari is getting worse, Villeneuve predicts. “Leclerc now knows that he is number one in the team, but he does face a four-time world champion. It is a difficult situation, where letting the drivers race freely is going to be difficult. Leclerc has every potential to manage the case, but we are going to see how he will do it.”  (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1)




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