Marko warns: 'Our updates are an uncertain factor' Formula 1

Marko warns: 'Our updates are an uncertain factor'

By Srihari HS 25 June 2020 | 15:23

Helmut Marko has suggested that a large package of updates is coming for Red Bull Racing. In Austria, the Milton Keynes racing outfit is showing up with some improvements to the RB16, which already looked strong during the winter test.

"The car we are going to put on the tarmac in Spielberg will be very different from the one we came up with in Melbourne," the Red Bull Racing advisor told Auto, Motor und Sport.

Due to the disappearance of the first races, Red Bull is presenting a triple update package: "We are now bringing updates that we wanted to introduce for the fifth race, in Barcelona, ??and we are also introducing updates that we wanted to take with us to Spielberg."

Marko worried about Red Bull updates

Although such a development leap is usually seen as good news, Marko has concerns about it: "All these changes are based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics ) and the behaviour of the car in the wind tunnel. So the updates are an uncertain factor."

"We are now going to the third upgrade, while we do not even know whether the first two upgrades have the desired effect in practice," says the Austrian. Marko fears the consequences of Red Bull taking the wrong development path.

This uncertainty makes sense, says Marko: "We have not had the opportunity to test it, so we have to assume that the data is correct." The racing unit assumes that the models used in Milton Keynes are accurate.

In 2017, things went wrong at the Austrian racing squad. Later they discovered that the data from the wind tunnel deviated significantly from the performance on the track. It took Red Bull about two months of development time to get back on track. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)




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