FIA develops anti-cheating system for the new budget ceiling Formula 1

FIA develops anti-cheating system for the new budget ceiling

By Tomas Mota 01 June 2020 | 21:20

The FIA is committed to preventing F1 teams from cheating under the forthcoming budget ceiling. In recent months, the federation has worked hard to develop a system to monitor the spending of participating teams so that they don't secretly spend more than $ 145 million.

Nikolas Tombazis, FIA's head of single seaters and tech, elaborates on the subject in the Sky Sports F1 Show. "Every rule is good if it can be enforced. The FIA has already appointed a chief of financial affairs. He and his team have already been in contact with the teams' accounting department, so that everything will run smoothly", explains the Greek.

F1 teams cannot just suck numbers out of thin air

The former designer for teams like Ferrari and McLaren emphasises that F1 teams have little advantage in lying about their expenses. "They are huge companies that are all controlled by governments. So the accountants cannot just make up numbers and indicate them to be truthful, because then they commit fraud."

"The FIA thinks it has done enough to get a grip on the situation", says Tombazis. "But in 2021 it will become clear whether that is indeed the case. Incidentally, this year the teams can already voluntarily pretend that the rules already apply, so that the functioning of the system can be tested and checked."



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