"Formula 1 wants to experiment with sprint race at Red Bull Ring" Formula 1

"Formula 1 wants to experiment with sprint race at Red Bull Ring"

By Tomas Mota 31 May 2020 | 09:20

Formula 1 would like to introduce sprint races in Austria and Great Britain. The reports come from The Race based on a meeting between Liberty Media, the FIA and the manufacturers last Friday. There are reported to be two races per GP in both countries.

Sprint races should be experimented for the first time in Austria. The idea is that there will be a short race on Saturday, where the starting line-up is the opposite of the Championship standings. Thus, the championship leader should start from P20, while the backmarker may begin on pole position. The result of the sprint race then determines the starting grid for the normal race on Sunday.

The test could count with full support from the FIA, but that doesn't mean the plan will actually get off the ground. That is only possible if all Formula 1 teams are unanimously in favour. There has been no formal decision to date and it should come soon in order for the sprint races to happen this year. This is because regulations must be revised for such a change. 

Brawn previously considered sprint races

Ross Brawn, sporting director of Formula 1, has spoken several times in the past about the possibility of sprint races in Formula 1. In August 2019, he said that he was still open to experimenting with it in 2020. "I think the foundation has now been laid, but maybe a sprint race would be interesting or we could change the qualification in some way", he said at the time. (photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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