Leclerc: "The start of the season will be very tough" Formula 1

Leclerc: "The start of the season will be very tough"

By Tomas Mota 28 May 2020 | 14:15

Charles Leclerc predicts a difficult start to the Formula 1 season. After spending months in isolation, he expects some time will be needed to get used to being on the track again.

"The start is going to be very tough because Formula 1 is a sport in which the drivers cannot train outside the circuits", says the Ferrari driver at EPCC Live.

George Russell suggested holding test days so that the Formula 1 drivers could warm up, but it looks like people are getting "cold" in the car: "We won't be able to drive test laps before we start again, that makes it difficult. I do spend a lot of time in the simulator, I have one at home."

Leclerc and his fiancée

It is clear that Leclerc spends a lot of time in the simulator, there have been films showing that the Monégasque's girlfriend had to take out a Twitch subscription to manage to speak with him.

Although he was referred to the couch by his fiancé one night, Charlotte also saw the comedic side of it: "She could laugh about it, too. She understands why I like it so much, one night she played from seven to twelve o'clock, she couldn't be beaten by the simulator. She's gradually getting a lot better at it, too." (Photo: Artes Max)



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