"Vettel has a bad record against motivated drivers" Formula 1

"Vettel has a bad record against motivated drivers"

By Tomas Mota 26 May 2020 | 20:14

The Race considers the chance that Mercedes will team up with the current Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel to be rather small. The four-time champion is a free man after this season, but it would not be of interest to the German F1 superpower for several reasons.

"Based on recent results, we should cross Vettel". Mercedes finds pure performance important, when the newspaper mainly looks at the dip in shape of the German since the second half of 2018, who several times struggled to keep his car on track.

Vettel has "undeniable advantages"

"He would certainly be motivated. His way of working and knowing how to properly settle in a team suits Mercedes well. His four championships are a big plus. He has proven himself by moving teams, has won in different cars, and is extremely interesting commercially. These are undeniable advantages."

The German would also fit well with the team. "With a constructive, supportive culture instead of a culture of blame, his results could improve". Vettel would be immediately under pressure from Lewis Hamilton within Mercedes, so the team should be able to trust their driver(s) to get the best out of them.

"Unfortunately, Vettel does not have a good reputation if he has to compete with motivated competition", such as Daniel Ricciardo in 2014 and Leclerc in 2019. "They took little time to reach his level."

Great chance of collision with Hamilton

The Race calls the character of the Brit challenging, he reacts differently to his teammates. "With those he had an advantage as a driver, there was a certain harmony like with Valtteri Bottas and Heikki Kovalainen". Things get tricky with Vettel: The Race thinks that Vettel has a hand in trying to take the lead and manipulate things to his advantage. 

Considering Vettel's vulnerability after his Ferrari period, and with his lower performance, the analysts see less of a chance of collision. Although The Race is a fan of the idea of the super duo, it is simply not realistic. "Vettel is not the future of Mercedes at 32 years old. Bottas and Russell certainly are."

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