British GP: "No exception is made, not even for Formula 1" Formula 1

British GP: "No exception is made, not even for Formula 1"

By Tomas Mota 22 mei 2020 | 16:30

The British Grand Prix does not seem to be taking place. The British government has indicated that it will take far-reaching measures in the fight against the coronavirus. These measures not only get in the way of a race at Silverstone, but also hinder the teams situated in England.

"England has indicated that any traveler entering the country must be quarantined for fourteen days from July 1. No exception is made, not even for Formula 1. Silverstone may have to give up the two races on the proposed dates", it is reported via Auto Motor und Sport by editor-in-chief Michael Schmidt.

The first two Grands Prix will probably be held on the Red Bull Ring, and when traveling from the Red Bull Ring to Silverstone something could go wrong: "The Formula 1 teams, that are flying in from Austria, would have to stay quarantined for two weeks upon arrival. In that case, the date of the first race would have already passed". A British Grand Prix therefore seems highly unlikely.

Problems for British teams

It is annoying that the Grands Prix of Great Britain could disappear, but in the long run it also has consequences for the sport: "The quarantine regulations form an obstacle for the sport even without the British Grand Prix. Seven teams have a home base in Great Britain, so they have to be inside for fourteen days after each return to the country."

"It means Formula 1 has to plan blocks, with three-week gaps in between races. Originally, Liberty Media wanted to publish the revised calendar this week, now they have to change things up again", Schmidt continues. The people responsible for producing the calendar are under enormous pressure. It would be best to drive many races in a row, so the teams keep moving.

Hockenheim steps forward

Which circuit will compensate for the loss of Silverstone? Hockenheim has been frequently linked to organising one, or perhaps two, Grands Prix: "The new information regarding the UK Grand Prix increases the chances of a race in Hockenheim."

"Geographically, it is on the way back from Spielberg to the factories and the track organisation has already expressed an interest in running a race." The German circuit is certainly one of the options to still get a reasonable amount of races in the 2020 season.

German Grand Prix a serious option

Jorn Teske, CEO of the Hockenheim Circuit, indicates that he has a race in Germany in mind, based on several scenarios: "We talk a lot with Formula 1. If the quarantine regulations continue in Great Britain, this increases the chance for us to organise a race. But if the British Grand Prix goes forward, this does not mean that we will immediately drop out. There are several candidates on the agenda." (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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