Wolff: "We are in a good position, but Ferrari and Red Bull too" Formula 1

Wolff: "We are in a good position, but Ferrari and Red Bull too"

By Tomas Mota 22 mei 2020 | 09:41

Toto Wolff believes that Mercedes will not enter the season as a favourite in 2020 either. Before the season starts, the Austrian usually indicates that it is necessary to wait until it becomes clear who can be found at the front of the grid. This year he is again repeating his own words.

"We have never seen ourselves go into the season as a favourite. Some people will say: there you are again, they dampen expectations. But that's the way we think. Our attitude is that it is never enough", said the Mercedes team boss according to RTL.

Why does the Brixworth racing team continue year after year? "That forces us to continue to innovate and to quickly boost the performance of the cars". According to Wolff, it is a mental attitude that keeps his team sharp.

Ferrari and Red Bull also in the favourites

Mercedes managed to secure the world title in the past six years, which is why they would logically also have the best chance of winning this year. However, Wolff expects stiff competition: "We are certainly in a good position based on our final ranking last year, but Ferrari and Red Bull are also in that position." (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1)



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