Grosjean: "I am amazed by Vettel's move" Formula 1

Grosjean: "I am amazed by Vettel's move"

By Tomas Mota 21 mei 2020 | 16:46

Sebastian Vettel announced his departure from Ferrari last week. An event that led to much speculation about his future. A seat with a top team is probably not available, but FIA director Jean Todt believes that the German does not have to be written off yet.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Todt says that every team should be happy with a driver like Vettel. "He is one of the greatest talents in motorsport. I believe he will have a lot of other options, everyone who has him on his team will have benefits", says Todt. 

Immediately after the announcement of the German, he was associated with a seat at Mclaren, but that place was taken by Daniel Ricciardo. That creates a lot of uncertainties regarding the future of Vettel in Formula 1.

Grosjean was amazed by his departure

Romain Grosjean also said in an interview that he was surprised about the departure of his colleague at Ferrari. "I probably wouldn't have done it. I actually expected Vettel to continue his partnership with Ferrari, but everything is unfolding in an interesting way at the moment", concludes Grosjean. 



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