Sainz second driver at Ferrari? ‘You only rob each other of World Cup points’ Formula 1

Sainz second driver at Ferrari? ‘You only rob each other of World Cup points’

By Srihari HS 21 mei 2020 | 14:58

Flavio Briatore believes that Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will not be assigned the same role at Ferrari. According to the former Renault team boss, you win a championship by having one driver take the lead.

So, Mattia Binotto must make a choice. Leclerc, who has already shown insane potential in 2019, is currently seen as the primary driver of the team. Briatore expects that the Monegasque will get the full support of his racing outfit: “Ferrari is fully behind Leclerc.”

“It worked best for me to have one driver who goes for the world title, the other driver has to score as many points as possible and - most importantly - keep those points away from the opponents,” the Italian businessman told Gazzetta Dello Sports. When Sainz arrives at the racing squad from Maranello, equal treatment is therefore not a given, according to Briatore. 

Briatore about Sainz going to Ferrari

With the arrival of Sainz, Ferrari attracts a second, relatively young driver. From the first race with Leclerc and Sainz side by side, Ferrari has to keep the duo under control: “If you have two drivers in the team with the same role, you will only rob each other of championship points.”

Briatore emphasizes that his expectations of Sainz are high. In 2019 he managed to become ‘best of the rest’ for McLaren: “Sainz is a good driver. He has had an excellent 2019 season.” (Photo: McLaren F1 Media)




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