What's going on at Mercedes? "Negotiations have come to a standstill" Formula 1

What's going on at Mercedes? "Negotiations have come to a standstill"

By Srihari HS 21 mei 2020 | 11:47

Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock explains why he thinks the Mercedes contract negotiations have not yet led to anything. According to the ex Jordan driver, the German racing outfit is trying to work on a few impossible angles for 2021.

"The question is, why does Mercedes take so much time to capture the two current drivers? In my time this went a lot faster, I think I remember. Negotiations have come to a standstill," the German said over a podcast with Motorsport-Total.

Behind the scenes at Mercedes

On the other hand, Glock understands that no one knows what's going on behind the scenes at Mercedes. For all we know, they could be closing deals with Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton for the same amount of money: "It's a bit like trying to look inside a crystal ball."

"Tomorrow they could just announce the contract renewal of both drivers, we have no knowledge of that," Glock continued. It was recently suggested that the Daimler bosses are after Sebastian Vettel, which would become an additional variable in the Mercedes negotiations.

Although Mercedes' motive behind slowing the contract agreements is still unclear, Glock, the three-time podium winner suggests: "There are too many unanswered questions. Mercedes don't want to commit to the drivers because they want to wait for the situation to develop." (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1)



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