"Ricciardo will earn ten million euros a year at McLaren" Formula 1

"Ricciardo will earn ten million euros a year at McLaren"

By Tomas Mota 21 mei 2020 | 09:38

Daniel Ricciardo will hand in salary at McLaren, relatively to the salary that he's paid at his current team. It is now clear what McLaren is willing to pay the seven-time Grand Prix winner to use his services. Ricciardo has also managed to enforce a fee per podium place.

Ricciardo will earn a fixed salary of ten million euros at McLaren in 2020, and bonuses are added for good results. "He can get up to one million euros extra per race, and he will receive 400,000 euros in compensation for achieving a podium place", says Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

Ricciardo will therefore lose ground on his base salary. At Renault, the Australian earns approximately twenty million euros annually. When he starts driving for the British racing team, this will be roughly halved. "It is a loss of ten million euros for Ricciardo, but given the upcoming crisis, it seems to be an excellent deal for the Perth driver."

Ricciardo's move from Red Bull

In 2018 Ricciardo was still driving for Red Bull. How did he get to try two other teams within two years? "After several years at Red Bull - where a second driver's salary is nowhere near as high as his current offering - Ricciardo decided to try his luck with one of the other teams."

"The team's clear preference for Max Verstappen played a role in this. He would rather become the head of a smaller team than continuing to ride in the shadow of Verstappen", the Spanish website concludes. (Photo: Renault Sport Media)



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