Marko stubborn: 'Then the need arose to race without an audience' Formula 1

Marko stubborn: 'Then the need arose to race without an audience'

By Srihari HS 20 mei 2020 | 18:20

Helmut Marko surprised Austrian Sports Minister Werner Kogler with his statement about a grand prix with an audience. According to Kogler, there has never been an option to race with the public. Still, Marko insists that an Austrian Grand Prix with a limited audience could be an option.

"The need to race without an audience arose in the early period of the coronavirus when the risk of infection was much greater," said the Red Bull Racing advisor told ORF. Since Austria is now doing relatively well, and there are few coronavirus infections, the risk of disease in larger groups would also be smaller.

Marko focuses on other facets of society in which the regulations have been relaxed more quickly. In addition, he believes that there will be more easing in Austria soon: "We also opened up the borders relatively quickly. Let's see what else happens."

"If the coronavirus containment develops as positively as it currently does, why not race with the public?" the 77-year-old Formula 1 connoisseur stood firm. According to Marko, if there were visitors, it would be in minimal numbers, so that people would not sit next to each other in the stands. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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