Perez open-hearted: "This crisis hurts F1 a lot" Formula 1

Perez open-hearted: "This crisis hurts F1 a lot"

By Tomas Mota 19 May 2020 | 17:35

Sergio Perez (30) was last in his Racing Point three months ago and the driver has to wait at least a month and a half before he can get back in. What has 'Checo' been up to lately? How does he fight boredom? MaximumF1 spoke exclusively to the Mexican. 

Where are you in lockdown?

"I've been locked up in my house in Mexico since I got back from Melbourne. I've spent quite a few weeks with my whole family." 

What are you doing to pass the time?

"I spend a lot of time with my two children. They can be quite tiring, especially the little Chequito (2 years old). I am constantly inventing new forms of entertainment and games to keep them busy. If I have some time to myself then I like to play FIFA and I like to play cards with my family. In addition, I often find myself in the pool and in my gym to keep fit."

With the Checo Pérez Foundation you also help people who have been hit hard by the crisis. What exactly do you do?

"Many Mexicans are now unable to earn their daily income because of the measures or they have lost their jobs. We started collecting food. I have donated the first 1000 food packages myself and at the moment groceries are being delivered everywhere to families who really need it. I hope to be able to help my country a little in these difficult times."

What are you really missing right now?

"Of course I miss my team and the racing, but I just miss regular life. Now that we are experiencing this crisis, you are well aware of how important the little things in life matter. This is a big life lesson for me and I think this applies to a lot of people."

Do you have a lot of contact with your team?

"The factories in F1 are closed, so we are not developing the car. Almost everyone at Racing Point has stopped with their regular job and a few are helping the medical teams and hospitals. Occasionally I speak with colleagues and these are mainly personal conversations about our families and the difficult situations we are currently in. We mainly try to remain positive."

What do you think about racing without spectators?

"That is going to be very strange, but I think it is a good idea to restart the sport in this way. This crisis is hurting F1 a lot and this can help us. The fans can also use some distraction and do not think about corona for a few hours. Sport is an important part of life."

You may race twice on one track. Which circuit do you prefer?

"I actually love street circuits a lot, but I understand that because of logistical problems and time it is very complicated. So I would prefer Spa and Silverstone. Those circuits suit me and we usually do very well there." (Photo: Racing Point F1)



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