Binotto: ‘We are taking a gamble with Sainz’ Formula 1

Binotto: ‘We are taking a gamble with Sainz’

By Srihari HS 15 May 2020 | 09:54

Mattia Binotto explained the rationale behind Ferrari choosing Carlos Sainz. According to the Scuderia boss, the squad is betting on their young drivers, as it carves a different path following years of inferiority to Mercedes.

“Sainz is young; the last time we had such a young driver couple was over fifty years ago. That’s why it’s a gamble for us. However, we are satisfied with it. We want to break the vicious circle, it will be a difficult task, but the choice to go for young drivers should help us in this,” the Italian said. By recruiting young racers, Binotto hopes to build a future proof team.

Sainz has performed consistently over the last five seasons, and it impressed Ferrari: “He is an amiable and intelligent young man with a lot of heart for his team. He works hard, and it will be helpful to line him up with Charles Leclerc. He has done well over the past five seasons; he almost always manages to finish the race and knows how to score points.”

The new chapter in Formula 1

From 2022 onwards, Formula 1 teams will have to develop their new cars under the restraints of smaller budgets. It marks a new era for the series and, Binotto is acutely aware of the implications of this change, says Sky Sports Italia: “We must look differently at the future of Formula 1. We embrace the new challenge, and we think we have attracted the right man to take on that challenge.”

Giovinazzi not ready yet

Antonio Giovinazzi was one of the other names associated with the Ferrari seat. The Alfa Romeo driver was trained at Ferrari and undoubtedly had already dreamed about the position. Binotto explains why he didn’t choose: “Antonio is a kid I respect very much. However, it is too early to put him in the Ferrari.”

“This would be too much of a duty for him at the moment. He has to keep going, we count on him to grow as a driver, and we will support him. He is part of our plans, but he still has to gain experience in the sport,” the Ferrari CEO concluded. (Photo: Ferrari F1 Team)



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