Doornbos: "Vettel may be able to go to Red Bull to drive next to Verstappen" Formula 1

Doornbos: "Vettel may be able to go to Red Bull to drive next to Verstappen"

By Tomas Mota 12 May 2020 | 12:05

Robert Doornbos has commented on regarding the departure of Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari. Although Vettel has proven to be a legend according to the Ziggo Sport analyst, it is not surprising that he did not manage to stay at the Italian racing team.

"Vettel has once again proved to be a driver who has been unable to match the 'Schumacher effect'. He came in as world champion but Ferrari did not benefit from it", says the former Minardi driver. Like Fernando Alonso, the four-time world champion failed to give Ferrari a world championship.

Vettel managed to achieve his championships with Red Bull Racing. There he felt like a fish in the water and in addition, the concept of Adrian Newey at the time worked perfectly. Without a challenge from a serious teammate, Vettel dominated the beginning of the previous decade by winning four consecutive titles.

Things were different at Ferrari, Doornbos believes. Vettel was challenged at Ferrari by Charles Leclerc and drove an inferior car (compared to that of Mercedes). It led to a series of errors from which he did not recover.

Vettel remains in Formula 1

According to Doornbos, the Heppenheimer is not going to put an end to his career yet: "I don't see him disappearing completely from Formula 1, although it will be difficult to find a team where he can compete for the world title". Renault and McLaren are said to be interested in the services of Vettel but are currently among the midfield teams.

"An exchange with Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes would be sensational. Or maybe he can return to Red Bull to ride next to Max Verstappen. It's a bit of a shot in the dark", concludes the Formula 1 analyst, who admits that he, too, has no idea what the next step should be for Vettel. (Photo: Ziggo Sport)



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