‘That’s why we are in so many meetings with team bosses’ Formula 1

‘That’s why we are in so many meetings with team bosses’

By Srihari HS 20 April 2020 | 19:30

The corona crisis hangs like the sword of Damocles over the heads of different Formula 1 teams. The longer it takes to get out of the lockdown, the harder it gets to recover. “It is an incredibly difficult environment that Formula 1 finds itself in right now,” team boss Claire Williams said.

“That is why we have spent so much time locked away in so many team principals’ meetings to do everything we need, to make sure all of us come out of this, at the end of this year, unscathed.” 

“A big part of that is when we can go racing again, particularly for a team like ours - one of the few true independents left. We don’t have the backing the majority of our competitors have,” she told SkySports.

"No idea how many races we can get"

It is critical for Williams to start racing. “For us, going racing is actually critical this year, but as I have said, only when it’s safe to do so. We just don’t know whether we will have 15 races, eight races or zero races. Clearly, we hope it is more, rather than less.”

Corona crisis offers an opportunity 

The problems arising out of the lockdown reveals the disadvantages of the current financial model. “I think this an opportunity. Formula 1 and the model within which we operate has been exposed as probably an unsustainable model when something like this happens. We have to put the work in now, so that should a similar situation arise, god forbid, we are all much better protected.”

“Formula 1 really does come together in these circumstances. The bigger teams understand the work they need to do to ensure the smaller teams’ survival. The smaller teams understand and sympathise with what we are asking of the bigger teams.”

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21 Apr 2020 om 09:49

Like most buisness models they are unsustainable. F1 needs to make massive changes to become sustainable, it has been an icon for capitalism for too long instead of being a sport.


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