Raikkonen: "I'd rather go on track instead of sim racing" Formula 1

Raikkonen: "I'd rather go on track instead of sim racing"

By Tomas Mota 20 April 2020 | 12:35

From wild party boy to perfect family man, who could ever have thought of Kimi Raikkonen? The veteran is forty, and has his life settled down. The usually taciturn Finn usually keeps his jaw tight, but the Alfa Romeo driver now speaks candidly about the extended winter break and his life to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The Finn is still the last Ferrari champion, but he focuses on the present. According to the newspaper, his motocross track in the Finnish forests still shows no sign of extreme wear, now that the Raikkonen family is in isolation. "I spend all my time with the kids. We are happy that we can almost always be outside." The family is engaged in all kinds of tasks, preferably id it is hands-on. "Time is passing very quickly."

Two months ago he was back on the plane before the race was officially canceled. "Maybe I knew, maybe I didn't know. But does it matter? It is finished now. I think canceling was the right move. We will continue when the FIA and F1 decide it is safe. We are going to drive at the right time, even without an audience."

"I don't participate online, but rather really go on track"

He has no real plans for the future. "Let's wait for a good way to start and end the season. At some point, I check the state of the championship and then draw conclusions. Nothing has changed at this time. As long as I have fun and motivation, I will continue. Now I feel more motivated than ever. I don't participate in online races now, I don't care. I'd rather wait until I can get back into a real job."

In his time with Ferrari, he also had no fondness for the simulator. "It's not that I didn't like it. But flying to Italy to get into that sim wasn't exactly why I chose this job. Anyway, those simulators are completely different and much more complicated than those in online races." (Photo: Alfa Romeo F1)



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