Saward: ‘F1 is going to have a hard time filling the championship’ Formula 1

Saward: ‘F1 is going to have a hard time filling the championship’

By Srihari HS 25 maart 2020 | 18:40

Joe Saward predicts Formula 1 would take more steps in response to the coronavirus threat. But the measure won’t be enough to allow a race before the summer break. 

“I can’t imagine that we’re going to have races before the original summer break, so that would be August. In fact, I think Formula One will struggle to set up a calendar that will result in a world championship,” the Formula 1 expert told Speedweek.

Saward predicts that the Austrian Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, Canadian Grand Prix and French Grand Prix will also disappear, bringing the total number of cancelled races to twelve. 

Pessimistic about F1 in Francew

“The country is almost closed. If I want to go out of the door, I have to fill out a form. I can only leave home to buy food, visit relatives in need, or to consult a doctor,” Saward explained the strict measures taken in France.

Saward agrees with the decision taken by the French government: “It was inevitable that the virus would spread. France did the right thing for the citizens. I think it has responded better than in other countries. The Chinese have shown how to do it.”

Western Europe underestimates coronavirus

“The numbers are still increasing. The army sets up auxiliary hospitals. Some sick people are sent to other regions because the ventilators are too scarce in their region,” Saward explained the situation in France where the race is expected to happen in July.

Saward believes they have underestimated the effects of the virus from the beginning: “I think all of Western Europe underestimated it. France is not doing as badly compared to Italy and Spain. I am very concerned about the UK,” he concludes. His concerns indicate there could be problems with the British GP this year. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)





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