Disagreement on 2021 cars: "Ferrari and Mercedes argue against, Red Bull in favour" Formula 1

Disagreement on 2021 cars: "Ferrari and Mercedes argue against, Red Bull in favour"

By Tomas Mota 24 maart 2020 | 18:21

Formula 1 teams have to cut costs this year. That is why the 2020 chassis will also be used in 2021. Due to the coronavirus, the regulation changes will only take effect in 2022, but the teams cannot use this relatively quiet year to start tinkering with the 2022 car. There has also been disagreements about which 2020 part should be used on the 2021 cars. 

"The teams are not allowed to enter the wind tunnels with the 2022 car until February 2021. This measure has been taken to prevent expensive parallel developments", notes Auto Motor und Sport. It means that the teams will not be able to test the new designs in the wind tunnel until February 2021.

These wind tunnel tests are an important aspect of the development of new cars. The wind tunnels look at how the car behaves in the aerodynamic field. To level the development of the new cars, the FIA ??prohibits the use of the wind tunnels for the new design for almost a year.

Formula 1 transfers components to 2021

The engineers are currently considering which parts can also be transferred to 2021. The chassis is already fixed, but there are several parts that can be used in 2021: "Among other things, the gearbox, the suspension and perhaps even the cooling systems are included."

"For this, however, the development of the power unit should also be halted at the end of this season. New units of power require adapted cooling systems", continues the German motorsport website.

Ferrari and Mercedes against Red Bull Racing

Two opposing sides have risen within the teams. Ferrari and Mercedes are arguing against transferring parts, Red Bull argues for: "There is still a lot to decide. Except for the chassis, Ferrari and Mercedes do not want to commit to many mandatory parts."

"Red Bull is the only top team that realizes that the whole system can collapse if you don't go into saving mode rigorously now", the Germans' analysis.

Uncertainty surrounding aerodynamics in 2021

Whether the aerodynamic elements of the 2020 cars will be fully adopted in the next season is not yet clear: "Freezing the aerodynamic regulations could have major consequences for teams who gambled with the nose design in 2020."

"The thin noses of Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault and Racing Point are said to be the right concept, because they make better use of the vortex that is created after the air hits the front wing", bad news for the other Formula 1 teams.

"If the regulations around aerodynamics are frozen, it could mean that Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Haas, Williams and AlphaTauri - all of whom do not drive with a thin nose - will not be able to correct this error next year", AMuS concludes. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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