Ferrari curbed FIA and got 50 hp with its own software Formula 1

Ferrari curbed FIA and got 50 hp with its own software

By Tomas Mota 23 maart 2020 | 15:33

In Formula 1, teams often search the darkest corners to find performance gains. Ferrari has found something that the FIA was unable to control at first, but regulators have now adopted a new gauge that should make foul play a lot harder.

The second sensor is just like the first one from the Sentronic brand, but improved. All teams should use it close to the engine, as this flow meter monitors how precise the flow is towards the power unit. It should not exceed 100 liters per hour at 10,500 rpm, under any circumstances.

The new meter is encrypted. Only the researchers from the FIA and Sentronic should be able to read these. That provides a lot of data, because the FlowSonic sensor works at 2200 Hertz, which means that it measures 2200 volts per second. Speed peaks would then be recorded in the system automatically.

Ferrari gained 50 hp with its own software

The Ferrari engineers would have worked around the first version with their own software, so that they could have an extra fifty horsepower on particular moments (just after a restart, before a qualifying session or during an overtake).

Previously, Ferrari suffered from aliasing, such as in 2014, in which the erroneously adjusted sensor would send misinterpreted signals. Because the Italians used a different fuel pump than other manufacturers, errors surfaced and cost around three to four percent performance, Italy writes.

FIA on the hunt for teams with new sensor

Apparently, the team turned the problem into a solution, which could fool the FIA meter. This has forced the FIA to introduce an even smarter sensor, to stay ahead of the teams' respective F1 racing development segments. 



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