Buxton: "Hamilton and Mercedes will have to grow to be able to challenge Verstappen" Formula 1

Buxton: "Hamilton and Mercedes will have to grow to be able to challenge Verstappen"

By Thorsten Hendriks 09 March 2020 | 15:30

The established Formula 1 analysts of the official broadcaster have reached consensus regarding the new season. Together they hope to see a good but fair fight on the track between Red Bull and Mercedes, where Lewis Hamilton will have to do his best to keep Max Verstappen behind him. Ferrari's Charles Leclerc will have to work hard to join the fight between the two favourites up front.

Mark Hughes (Sky): "Hopefully we will see some wheel-to-wheel fights between Verstappen, Hamilton and Leclerc. I am very excited to see how this dynamic trio will handle it. They have to make it hard for each other, but they cannot afford to follow a well known Dutch proverb 'When two dogs fight over a bone, a third runs away with it'. "

Will Buxton would love to see Red Bull return to their glory days. He does believe this won't be an easy task for the Austrians. "I am looking forward to a Red Bull team which is able to challenge a win in the World Championship and also how Verstappen is currently developing to be one of the most promising drivers."

Combination Hamilton-Mercedes has to grow

That is one side of the story, but on the other side, how much more can the combination Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes grow further? "I would like to see how they responds to the challenge, what level can Hamilton reach to be able to grab his seventh title and the record." David Tremayne agrees with that but thinks Ferrari can close the gap. Lawrence Barretto believes a change of the guard is upcoming. "Hamilton believes he has had the upper hand in comparison to Verstappen, but I suspect this year it will all change in the Red Bull driver's advantage."

In 2020 everything revolves around Vettel and Leclerc

Stuart: "I know that the drivers' market is a bit of a wet towel. But that cannot prevent us to be as happy as a child in a sweetshop. Same goes for me: 2020 will be important for Sebastian Vettel: will he stay at Ferrari, or not? A lot of people underestimate what kind of competitive beast Charles Leclerc is. "It depends how good the Ferrari is, but if it can match Mercedes over the whole season then Leclerc will reach new heights, according to Formula1.com.

Chris Medland and Greg Stuart also point out that the newly added tracks and the driver's market need some attention. "Vietnam looks like a superb track with its own identity, so I thing we will see a good race with a new challenge. Zandvoort has worked hard to improve the circuit for F1 and the fans are absolute bonkers", according to Medland. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)

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10 Mar 2020 om 22:22

Tbh Worthless predictions imo, because these so called experts were very wrong with their predictions at the beginning of last season!! Lol


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