“Wolff sends letter to all non-Ferrari teams about FIA report” Formula 1

“Wolff sends letter to all non-Ferrari teams about FIA report”

By Srihari HS 03 March 2020 | 17:56

Toto Wolff has apparently opened the attack on Ferrari. After the FIA and Ferrari compromised on the 2019 Scuderia power unit, dissatisfaction grew among the other Formula 1 teams.

Ferrari signed an agreement with the FIA according to which, findings of the report on Scuderia’s 2019 engine will not be made public. Ferrari will also assist the FIA in investigating power units within the sport in future.

The investigation originally started after Red Bull submitted a formal request to the FIA in 2019 to make a small change to the power unit. 

In the subsequent races, it seemed that the Italians had exploited the trick without consultation. The FIA confiscated the engine and started an investigation and even issues technical directives to dissuade the tricks. FIA’s reports may not see the light of day. But that may change if Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has his way.

Wolff takes matters into his own hands

Allegedly, Wolff did not settle for the FIA’s questionable decision not to make the report public. According to various German sources, the Austrian has taken matters into his own hands.

“Wolff has sent a letter to all non-Ferrari teams calling on them to work together against the agreement between the FIA and Ferrari,” notes Formel1 based on information obtained by F1 insider.

All teams except Haas, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, were sent the letters. With the call, Wolff hopes to get hold of the documents to determine how Ferrari cheated in 2019. (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1)

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2 Aug 2020 om 14:51

who will watch the watchers when they are that intent on operating the FIA like the mafia.
the people involved should be banned forever from Formula One!

3 Mar 2020 om 23:06

Well done Toto for writing his letter to all the other non-Ferrari teams against this extremely suspicious FIA and Ferrari Agreement to keep their Report on Ferrari’s 2019 Power Unit Totally Secret!!
Personally I am very angry as I'm sure millions of F1 fans are too.
To me, what the FIA has done with their Agreement with Ferrari on keeping secret their Report on Ferrari’s 2019 Power Unit, which suggests that it was illegal, is absolutely disgusting and totally unacceptable in this sport which should be based on openness, transparency and fairness! This secrecy of the FIA, I would suggest, is bordering a crime in this sport in my personal opinion!!
In addition, in having Ferrari assisting the FIA in investigating the power units of other suppliers and teams is totally out of order and absolutely unacceptable because Ferrari will obtain knowledge of new innovation and technology for free and without penalties otherwise!!
This FIA and Ferrari Agreement is absolutely corrupt in my personal opinion!! ????????????
My analogy of this terrible case of injustice, is that the FIA is giving Ferrari a 5 star hotel suite as punishment for 'cheating', AND then giving them even more 'illegal drugs' in the future... as they are basically saying to Ferrari, please come with us and have a very very good look at all your rivals' engines, and we will just call this 'Assisting the FIA'!!! ????????????


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