Currently happening in F1 | "Lando, You are bald, and you are crying" Formula 1

Currently happening in F1 | "Lando, You are bald, and you are crying"

By Christian Moerman 03 april 2020 | 12:05

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"You are bald, and you are crying"

Lando Norris shaved his hair off. The Brit promised to go bald when he had raised 10,000 euros for the fight against the coronavirus. He thinks he doesn't look good without it: "That's because you're crying. You are bald, and you are crying ', the McLaren driver could not stop laughing.

Baldo Norris is alive

Lando Norris promised to shave his hair if he could raise more than 10,000 euros for the fight against the coronavirus. This worked, and he kept his promise. On Twitch, he pulled out the clippers so that his followers could see live how Baldo Norris came to life.

All of Norris' laughing moments in 2019

Lando Norris conquered many hearts with his positivity and sense of humour in his first season in Formula 1. This Instagram user has listed all the laughing moments of the witty Briton; now we can enjoy them until racing starts again in 2020.

Did Hamilton’s steering move back and forth?

Footage from Lewis Hamilton’s onboard camera seems to show his steering wheel moving back and forth. The video is from the second day of testing at Barcelona.  Is the steering wheel allowed to move under current regulation? 
And is it allowed in testing? Everyone is wondering!

Verstappen and Ocon are friends again

It seems like Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon settled their differences after the 2018 Brazil GP ruckus. The two were seen smiling and shaking hands during the test days at Barcelona.

Kvyat imitates Gasly, who laughs like a goat

Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly were recently present at a promotional film for Red Bull in which they had to compete against a MotoGP driver together with Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon. The question was whose responsiveness was the fastest. Gasly laughed at the start of the clip and Kvyat made good use of the moment to make fun of his teammate.

Ricciardo looking forward to the test weeks

Daniel Ricciardo is looking forward to the coming testweeks. The Australian driver used Instagram to upload a video of himself enjoying music in the car. The Renault driver seems to be very relaxed ahead of the new season.

“Sometimes I sing during the race”

Recently Daniel Ricciardo was in the United States and appeared on The Daily Show. F1 is not very popular in the US and appearances like these could boost the familiarity of the sport. Honey Badger’s presence brought up a lot of hilarious questions: “how can you be so chill and still be so good?“Ricciardo smiled: “Others don’t exactly help the sport. It helps that I grew up in Australia close to the beach. There is a bit of happiness in my personality because I am doing my dream job!”

“You are sometimes so involved in your job that you lose perspective. Sometimes it is frustrating. In tennis, you can only blame your racket, but it really depends on many things here.” On the road, you would not be entertained if he is the driver ahead. “You’d probably be disappointed to meet me there. I just chill in the car and sing. But I also do that during the race, when it is a bit boring.”

View the entire interview here (7 minutes)

Verstappen looking for VO2Max

The holiday is almost over for everyone that is not a team owner or former driver. With that, we go faster and harder towards the winter tests. This includes a lot of preparation and self-knowledge: knowing where you stand. This also applies to Max, he is already hard at work to increase his VO2Max!

Jokes on the name aside, VO2Max stands for the maximum amount of oxygen that you can convert if you try. The higher the conversion, the better is your condition. Did you know that F1 drivers typically have a VO2Max of 60 or above? The world record for VO2Max is 85, while average people score about 35.

Verstappen trains trophy muscles

Max Verstappen is busy preparing for the new Formula 1 season. With expectations running high for Red Bull in 2020, the arm with which he holds the trophies cannot remain untrained. Formula 1 put up a hilarious meme on how the Dutchman trains his arms.

Red Bull drives F1 car on ski slope

Red Bull are considered to be experts at marketing stunts. Several years ago they made Max Verstappen drive the RB8 on a ski slope. This year the Red Bull team was in Kitzbühel again and they decided to send another Formula 1 driver down a ski slope in a Formula 1 car. (Foto: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)

Hamilton on a roadtrip with his father

Lewis Hamilton posted a picture on Twitter of him and his dad. It is common knowledge that their relationship is good and Hamilton appreciates the time he gets to spend with his old man during the winter break. Nice haircut, Lewis! 



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