AMS suspects: 'Official protest against Ferrari before Monaco Grand Prix' Formula 1

AMS suspects: 'Official protest against Ferrari before Monaco Grand Prix'

By Hans van Brunschot 16 May 2018 | 16:42

The legality of the Ferrari SF71H has been one of the topics of conversation since the beginning of the season and it is expected to continue to be a theme for the rest of the year. Some teams may lodge an official protest against the car before the Monaco Grand Prix.

Smokey exhausts because of too much oil burning, too many Kilojoules being produced in the battery and the creative rearview mirrors are just three of the issues that some competitors of the Italian outfit have complained about so far.

Auto, Motor und Sport has found out why it is so difficult for FIA employees to determine the legality of the Ferrari. A battery can provide up to 4 megajoules of power, but by circumventing a sensor, the Ferrari battery could produce more energy. As a result, the Italian team has 20 horsepower more than if it would comply with the rules. The way in which this sensor is avoided is so clever that the FIA engineers will a lot of trouble to discover and prove, says AMS. The German site also reported that some teams may lodge an official complaint before the Monaco race. (Photo: Scuderia Ferrari)

This issue will undoubtedly be continued.



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