Ferrari has far-reaching plans for Formula 1 alternative Formula 1

Ferrari has far-reaching plans for Formula 1 alternative

By Srihari HS 10 May 2018 | 14:19

The threat of Ferrari leaving Formula One is more serious than ever. They have a media partner, there are interested teams, willing circuits and most important of all: the breakaway series is financially more attractive for the teams.

Ferrari's chairman man Sergio Marchionne has unexpectedly been offered a solution to the massive cost issue of a new series. Amazon - a Liberty Media competitor, wants to connect itself with an alternative Formula 1 championship as a media partner and promoter of a streaming service that hopes to attract around 200 million subscribers worldwide at the start. They have projected subscription costs of $50 per year, says.

For promoters, the series provides races at a much lower entry price than Liberty charges, on as many iconic circuits as possible. The new series can count on support from various teams. For the teams, the prize money is twice as much when compared to what they get from Liberty if the plan is successful. (foto: Ferrari Media)



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