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'Mercedes considering a fourth engine and using party mode more often'

Formula 1

'Mercedes considering a fourth engine and using party mode more often'

Lewis Hamilton signalled his ambition to win his fifth title by leaving everyone behind by a massive seven tenths at the Q3 round in the Australian Grand Prix. But after that race, the Mercedes driver seems to have stopped using the ‘party mode’ and Ferrari took the next three poles. But the Silver Arrow is now considering a more aggressive approach.

According to Motorsport Italy, to catch up with the difficulties presented by the Spanish and Monaco circuits, Mercedes is considering a using the higher power mode more frequently during the qualifying races.

The disadvantage of using the Q3 mode so often is that the engine is more loaded and it might not last seven races. This could indicate that Mercedes is thinking of following in the steps of Red Bull and deliberately considering a grid penalty for a fourth engine at a strategic moment. Meanwhile, the team wants to get the maximum use out of the three permitted power units until then. (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

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